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Data Discovery Resources
Academic Programs in Sustainability
A growing database of more than 100 worldwide educational institutions offering over 200 degree granting sustainability programs.
View entire database and sort by institution name, program/degree, or location.
Sustainability Experts
An extensive network of over 350,000 sustainability scholar profiles - international and multidisciplinary authors, researchers, and experts - from COS Scholar Universe™- The largest available collection of searchable expert profiles. Search scholar names, current research interests, publications (titles and abstracts), or affiliation names to present relevant experts matching your query.
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Sustainability Datasets from U.S. Government
A comprehensive source of over 3,000 records containing information on tens of thousands of public datasets - from more than 120 departments and agencies - of the U.S. Federal government via Metadata on SSPP site refreshes quarterly.
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Sustainability Dissertations
More than 2,000 sustainability related doctoral dissertations and master's theses have been selected from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) Database - acquired from more than 700 institutions - to create this collection.
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Featured Datasets
Enhanced data analysis of key sustainabiltiy issues;
Visualization tools to manipulate and study data;
Publically accessible datasets restructured and reformatted;
Raw data available to download
Ethanol Production Trade-offs
Food vs Fuel vs Forests Motion Chart Visualization
Ethanol Production Trade-offs xls icon Download raw data (xls)
Recession Reduces Gridlock
Congestion Data for U.S. Urban Areas Motion Chart Visualization
Recession Reduces Gridlock xls icon Download raw data (xls)
Visualization Toolbox
Motion Charts: offer a multi-dimensional analysis of multiple metrics-an interactive way to explore and visualize a significant amount of data all at once by plotting data in four different dimensions over time(developed using Google Visualization API).
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