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"Ethanol Production Trade-offs" Food vs Fuel vs Forests Motion

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Data Source: FAS/USDA, Earth Policy Institute, FAO, OECD, Index Mundi --- xls icon Download raw data (xls)

Because ethanol production takes farmland, environmentalists are concerned about the tradeoff between ethanol and food prices, as well as the (longer term) tradeoff between increased need for agricultural land and decreased wilderness. This chart illustrates and explores these trade-offs. For instance, from 2005 to 2008 there is a direct correlation between ethanol production and rising food prices on a global scale. For the United States the correlation is more long-term, going back to 1996. Global forest area continues to shrink throughout that time, albeit slowly. Complicating the issue is the fact that different countries derive ethanol from different crops: the United States from corn, Brazil from sugar, and China from beets.


*16 variables to explore
*Year range: 1991-2008

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*Actual value of World Area (arable land, forest, agricultural, + permanent crops) equals 15x higher than charted value (World area = 15000 Ha)
*World Food Price = Commodity Food Price (Index, 2005 = 100)

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Citation: SSPP Featured Datasets. 2011. Congestion Data for U.S. Urban Areas. Â Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy

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