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Stockholm's Central Station - Stockholm, Sweden (Nov 2007) [photo credit: CultureGrams Collection, ProQuest]

It is likely that prolonged suffering from human-induced hazards and dangerously increased inequality will lead to social strife, to profound physical and mental-health crises, to deepening violence and criminality, and to a whole “lost generation.” --- Tim O’Riordan

Special Issue: A Missing Pillar? Challenges in Theorizing and Practicing Social Sustainability
Guest Editor:
Magnus Boström , Södertörns University,Sweden

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Book Review Perspectives

  • Understanding the Environment and Social Policy
  • by Tony Fitzpatrick (Editor)
    Karin Bradley, Linköping University, Sweden
    Henrike Rau, National University of Ireland, Ireland
    Ylva Uggla, Örebro University, Sweden
    Rejoinder from author(s): Tony Fitzpatrick, Nottingham University, United Kingdom

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Community Essay


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