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Matterhorn - Zermat, Switzerland (July 2011) [Photo credit: Maurie Cohen]

As we continue to witness the inescapable withering of the demographic and technological engines that propelled economic growth ever-upward during the second half of the twentieth century, the most fervent champions of growthism will become increasingly out of touch. -- Maurie J. Cohen

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  • Turning Japanese
  • Maurie J. Cohen, Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy, USA



Forum on Transportation and Land Use in the Maryland Suburbs of Washington, DC

Community Essay


Book Review Perspectives


and Forthcoming Articles


  • Closing the food loops: guidelines and criteria for improving nutrient management
  • Jennifer McConville, Jan-Olof Drangert, Pernilla Tidåker Tidåker, Tina Schmid-Neset, Sebastien Rauch, Ingrid Strid, & Karin Tonderski

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