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Isla Oil Refinery - Curacao, Netherlands Antilles (May 2011) [Photo credit: Amy Forrester]

It would be naïve to imagine at this moment that governments or the business community will voluntarily reduce their consumption and change their profitable and wasteful habits out of deference to the planetary health and the conditions of the poor. --- Uchita de Zoysa

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Forum on Landscape Planning in Northern Cities

Community Essay


Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Communication for Sustainability Science

and Forthcoming Articles


  • Closing the food loops: guidelines and criteria for improving nutrient management
  • Jennifer McConville, Jan-Olof Drangert, Pernilla Tidåker Tidåker, Tina Schmid-Neset, Sebastien Rauch, Ingrid Strid, & Karin Tonderski

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