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Trash Barge - Lelystad, Netherlands (Nov 2007) [photo credit: Rachel Ligairi, CultureGrams Collection, ProQuest]

In the consumer society, in which more than 70% of gross domestic product (GDP) (in the United States) consists of private spending by households, it is truly a challenge to envision a radical reduction in consumption without triggering widespread economic disaster. -- Halina Szejnwald Brown

Special Issue: Applications and New Perspectives in Sustainable Consumption Research

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  • Closing the food loops: guidelines and criteria for improving nutrient management
  • Jennifer McConville, Jan-Olof Drangert, Pernilla Tidåker Tidåker, Tina Schmid-Neset, Sebastien Rauch, Ingrid Strid, & Karin Tonderski

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