Submitting to SSPP

Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy employs an online Manuscript Management System. This system allows authors to upload their manuscripts and all accompanying graphic files through an interactive web page. Clicking on the " Submit your manuscript" link will navigate you away from this site. When the manuscript upload is complete, it passes to Editorial control and enters the review system. Authors can track the progress of their manuscripts at all times.

Please pay close attention to formatting and submission guidelines as this will expedite the progression of your manuscript.

Note: SSPP is published on an open-access basis and thus not funded through institutional and individual subscriptions. To offset the operating costs of the journal, SSPP employs an author-fee model of publication. The author fee for Regular Articles is US$595 and is payable upon acceptance of a manuscript for publication. The charge for Community Essays and other contributions is US$295. For further information on Author Fees, see our FAQs.

Submit your manuscriptsubmit link

Before submitting a manuscript, please gather the following information:

  • All Authors
    • First and Last Names
    • Postal Addresses
    • Work Telephone Numbers
    • E-mail addresses
  • Title (you can cut and paste this from your manuscript)
  • Abstract (you can cut and paste this from your manuscript)
  • Manuscript files in PDF, Word, WordPerfect, EPS, Text, Postscript, or RTF format. NOTE - if your paper is accepted for publication, the publisher will NOT be able to use a PDF text file. You will need to send it in another format. PDF is acceptable for the initial submission and review process. General Information regarding Article file:
    • Author name(s) and contact information must not appear in any file except the cover letter.
    • Please be sure that the Article File text is typed in 12 pt font and double-spaced.
  • Figures/Images as separate files in TIFF, EPS, Microsoft Excel, Adobe PhotoShop JPG, GIF, or Postscript format.
  • Contact information (e-mail address and institution) of desired peer reviewers (if any).

Submit your manuscriptsubmit link

Presubmission Checklist for Authors

Use this check list to make sure your materials are ready for submission (download pdf version to print)

Does the article follow the recommendations of The Chicago Manual of Style?
Is the article written in clear and concise language?
Is the language understandable to readers across disciplines?
Are the heading levels clearly distinguishable to the editor?
Is the correlation between in-text and end-list references complete and accurate?
Is the end-list of reference complete and in the correct format (see SSPP reference style at Note: References submitted in an incorrect format are required to be revised and resubmitted once a manuscript is accepted for publication.
Has a spell-check been performed?
Have the author names been removed from the article file?
Is the article file text typed in 12 pt font and double-spaced

Design and visual materials (i.e. photographs, charts, tables, maps, schematics)
Are the locations for placement of visual materials clearly indicated in the manuscript?
Are the captions to accompany all visual materials clearly and accurately labeled?
Are all visual materials in separate, clearly named files?
Are all visual material in the recommended file formats?