For Authors

Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy invites contributions that integrate science, practice, and policy in original research, case studies, and policy analysis. Submissions should address social, economic, political, and biological/environmental interactions relevant to sustainability problems. The work should be grounded in specific research and/or policy practice and be presented in language that is understandable across disciplines.

Peer Review: All manuscripts submitted will be reviewed by at least two anonymous referees and assessed by the Editor. For further information on SSPP's peer review process, see our FAQs

Author Fees: SSPP is published on an open-access basis and thus not funded through institutional and individual subscriptions. To offset the operating costs of the journal, SSPP employs an author-fee model of publication. The author fee for Regular Articles is US$595 and is payable upon acceptance of a manuscript for publication. The charge for Community Essays and other contributions is US$295. For further information on Author Fees, see our FAQs.

Open Access Policy: SSPP content is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 (CC-BY), which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Copyright is retained by the author.

Submitting to SSPP: Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy uses an online Manuscript Management System. This system allows authors to upload their manuscripts and all accompanying graphic files through an interactive web page and provides the ability to track the progress of their manuscripts at all times.

Journal Sections

Guest Editorials: SSPP regularly invites scientists and policy practitioners to write editorials.

Regular Articles: Examine nature-society interactions and are focused on sustainable solutions for scientists, practitioners, and policymakers.

SSPP publishes original research, case studies, and policy analyses intended for scientists and policy practitioners interested in solving sustainability problems. Articles address sustainable or unsustainable human practices. They should emphasize new knowledge that their analyses reveal and discuss potential solutions or innovative practices. These articles should be timely, informative, and written in a clear, accessible style.

Articles normally are no longer than 6,500 words, including notes and bibliography. Each article must be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 200 words and should provide the core message of the article in language that is understandable across disciplines. Authors are strongly encouraged to use good quality color photos and graphics to enhance the text, break up the pages, and attract readers' attention. All graphics must be accompanied by informative captions, and photographs must have appropriate copyright information.

Reviews: Report on quantitative or qualitative research, trends, and approaches and are written by experts who synthesize and critique evolving work in a specific aspect of sustainability, science, practice, and policy.

Authors are invited to submit review articles of 2,500 words or less that assemble and critique work in a specific aspect of sustainability science, practice, and/or policy. Reviews should focus on insights with broad impact, cross-disciplinary or multi-country comparisons, new techniques or technologies, novel approaches to old problems, or practical applications for sustainable solutions.

Community Essays: SSPP provides an online forum for moderated discussion addressing practical aspects of the intersection of environment, society, and economy. Community Essays should be approximately 2,500 words. To submit or discuss a topic, contact the Managing Editor (

Book Review Perspectives: SSPP publishes ensembles of book reviews of topical and notable titles.

Comments: SSPP encourages brief and sharply focused responses from our readers. Comments appear in a moderated forum and are screened by the editorial staff before they are posted.